Lorenzo Mannocci

Institution: Università di Pisa, IIT-CNR
Cycle: 37th
Email: l.mannocci@studenti.unipi.it

Lorenzo Mannocci graduated in 2019 in Computer Engineering at University of Pisa, then he studied Data Science and Business Informatics always at University of Pisa, graduating in 2021 with honors with a thesis entitled “Bot detection with unsupervised approach based on multivariate time series”, carried out in collaboration with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In 2021 he started his first year as PhD student in Italian National PhD in Artificial Intelligence with a PhD scholarship co-financed by CNR-IIT and by CNR on the theme “Machine/deep learning for understanding and curbing the spread of online disinformation”.

Homepage: https://www.lorenzomannocci.it/